Sei Pen (Shuttlecock Kicking)

Posted by IntoCambodia Team on 24 June 2018
Sei Pen (Khmer Shuttlecock)

Sei Pen (in English called Shuttlecock kicking) is the most popular folk traditional game that has found a niche in the lives of modern Khmer youths. it is a kind of shuttlecock that was made of animal feathers and dry skin or fish scale (as a series of discs ) but nowadays they use plastic instead. We have to beak the hole in the middle of the disc, which consists of three or four discs. Then, taking four feathers bound at the tips with a series of discs. The discs at the base give the Sie great flying power when it is kicked correctly and cause it to descend base-side down for another kick.

How to play the game: 

It can play by two or more people standing in a circle and opposite each other. Then, the players kick the Sie (by raised their feet and shifted to the ankles of the feet then kick) between them aiming for ever higher flight and ever fancier and more athletic kicks. This game is only kicked by foot, elbow, knee, head, and shoulders. And, it is forbidden to play with hand (Nowadays, it is exceptional for those who do not advance in this game especially women). 

The game is game for men of all age and is playing in the open space or when there is a celebration at pagodas. However, due to the modernity in the society, women especially young age are also playing this game. Sei Pen is a great sport of Khmer society from the past to the present. And, it is also physical exercise sport for general Khmer people which similar to the football. You can play this game as a physical exercise everywhere and every time as your wish. 

You can find this kind of activities in the public garden around the country, for example, Phnom Penh Capital.   

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